The Myth of Free Will

By Joe

Using the term ‘free will’ when it comes to discussions on how God saves is very popular. It’s safe, it’s family friendly and it offends no one. We all like the idea of being totally in control of our own destiny, don’t we?

diceMost importantly, it doesn’t require you to commit to anything. It’s so vague it could mean anything, so we can hide amongst the foliage of ‘free will’ and avoid all the awkward scriptures about election.

The trouble is, when you press in on the concept of free will and scrutinise it in light of all the many things that happen to you over the course of your life and are really out of your control it simply crumbles away.

Think about the following things:

  • Did you decide the country you were born in?
  • Did you decide the family you were raised in?
  • How much control did you have over the formative years in your childhood?
  • Did you choose when you were born?
  • Did you have any say in how you look or any genetic problems with your body and health?

These are significant things that will really shape the way you think about Christianity, the world and just about every important decision you make in your life.

The irony about free will is that it really isn’t as fair as people think it is. Does a person who grew up in Saudi Arabia have the same opportunity to hear (let alone receive) the gospel as someone from the West does? Of course not!

Most importantly, the Bible really says nothing about free will and talks a lot about election and predestination. Would it not make more sense to start with scripture and work it out from there, no matter how objectionable it may seem to our sinful, fallen minds at first?


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