Where Do I Go For…

By Joe

We should be careful who we allow to influence us. As someone who listens to a handful of sermons and talks every week I am very conscious of how my thought life can be shaped by the people I choose to listen to.

However, what it has given me is a go-to catalogue of people I can go to if I want to brush up on a certain topic. Each person has a specialist subject matter or specific passion.

Here’s my list:

Culture and Society – Albert Mohler

Justification – RC Sproul

Exegetical teaching – John Macarthur

Christian Living – John Piper

Contemporary Theology – Kevin DeYoung

New Testament Scholarship – DA Carson

The passion of the gospel – CJ Mahaney

Family and Marriage – Russell Moore

Apologetics – Ravvi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, John Lennox

Grace – Paul Tripp, Tulian Tchividjian, Elyse Fitzpatrick

Suffering – Matt Chandler

To be intellectually stimulated – Andrew Wilson

The state of the UK church – Adrian Warnock

Missional Living – David Platt

Signs and Wonders – Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker

To be shouted at – Mark Driscoll

Applying the gospel – Tim Keller

Life in the Spirit – Terry Virgo

Ecclesiology – Mark Dever

Systematic Theology and Doctrine – Wayne Grudem

Gender and Sexuality – Claire Smith

To be inspired, encouraged and given a vision – my pastor every Sunday.

The danger in listening to so many sermons every week is that it can dilute the meaning and impact of the preaching you hear amongst your local congregation. The people above should only be thought of as an addition to your what your pastor preaches on a Sunday morning and never as a substitute.

“The most important sermon you will hear this week will be on Sunday morning.” Kevin DeYoung

Who do you go to? Help me build my list…


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